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Another Summers, Another Demon

Rating/Warnings: M (Sexual content) NSFW!!!
Type: Short story.
Fandom: BtVS
Pairings: Dawn/Clem
Setting: Sunnydale, post-season 6
Status: Complete.
First reader credits: juliet316
Word Count: 5,238

Summary: Instead of showing Dawn the world, Buffy continues to use Clem as a babysitter, with consequences she's not gonna like.

Another Summers, Another Demon

Dawn watched Buffy walk across the cemetary until she disappeared beyond the trees on the other side. Closing the door to the crypt, she turned around and gave Clem a concerned look.

"What's wrong?" he asked her. He'd noticed that recently she'd been very distant.

"She's been doing this a lot lately," she responded. "She drops me off here, and then heads off to who knows where. She won't ever tell me where she's going or where she's been."

"Well, she's been under a lot of stress lately." Clem cradled his popcorn and sat down in the easy chair. "What with Willow going crazy and all."

"Yeah, I know." Dawn walked over and sat on the floor in front of him. "But she told me things were going to be different and they aren't. She said she wanted to show me the world and she hasn't at all made that effort to do so. She's still treating me like a little girl. We barely even have practiced any sort of fighting skills at all."

Clem looked pensively at her as he ate the popcorn. She looked up at his floppy-eared face and considered how thoughtful and kind it was. She suddenly noticed his eyes.

"Hey!" she cried out. "Your eyes are blue!"

He stopped with his popcorn and stared at her confused. "You didn't notice before?"

"Well I never thought about it before, the color eyes that demons have. It never crossed my mind..."

"...That demons would have the same color eyes as human?"

"Yeah." Her face softened and she couldn't take her eyes off of his anymore. They were the same color as the sky. It was Dawn's favorite shade of blue, actually.

"Popcorn?" He held out the bucket to offer it to her.

"Thanks." She smiled and reached up to have some of the snack.


Buffy knocked on the crypt door. It was 6:00 AM. The night was ending, and it was time to pick Dawn up and take her back home. Nobody answered at first. She banged again, afraid that something may have happened to her little sister overnight. Just as she was stepping back to kick in the door, however it opened. Clem stuck his head out to see who was there.

"Oh, Buffy, hey," he whispered when he saw the slayer. "Is it morning already?"

"Getting there," Buffy whispered back. They'd gotten used to a low voice since Dawn was usually asleep by the time Buffy came back.

"Come on in." He opened the door wider and let her inside. Her sister was asleep on the coffin-bed in the center, looking rather peaceful. Buffy walked up and gently rocked her shoulder.

"Wake up Dawnie, time to go home."

Dawn groaned and rolled over onto her other side. She seemed to mumble something in her sleep, but neither of them could make it out. Buffy shook her sister again, and this time she woke up. She saw Buffy above her and sat up. Had morning ever snuck up on her like this before? She wasn't sure.

She gathered up her things quickly and followed Buffy to the door.

"Thanks again, Clem," Buffy said. "I really appreciate this."

Clem nodded and the Summers sisters started walking back home.


It was that afternoon and Buffy walked into the kitchen where Xander and Willow were sitting, drinking coffee.

"Have you guys seen Dawn?" she asked. Xander and Willow exchanged a look.

"She, uh, probably didn't want to be around me," Willow offered. "I think she's afraid I'm gonna go all veiny-faced on her again."

"It's not you," Xander re-assured her.

"Well frankly I don't care what it is," Buffy concluded. "She's not here and we need to find her before something happens to her."

"Yeah, cause the Summers women are so vulnerable at sixteen." Xander looked around and noticed that his sarcasm, once again, was inappropriately timed.

Before the gang could discuss her much further, Dawn walked in the door.

“Where the hell have you been?” Buffy demanded as she crossed her arms.

Dawn scoffed. “I was just at the magic shop, geez. Anya still needs help making a list of inventory for the insurance claim.”

Buffy uncrossed her arms. “Well you could have at least left a note.”

“I did.” Dawn walked over to the refrigerator and grabbed a notepad sheet from under a magnet. She thrust it into Buffy’s chest. She crossed her own arms as Buffy read the note. “Anything else, mein führer?”

“Yeah,” Buffy nodded as she put one hand on her hip. “You can drop the attitude. What the hell is wrong with you?”

Is she serious?? Dawn knew the thought read all over her face. Finally, she rolled her eyes again and turned around to go up to her room. “Nothing. Don’t worry about it.”

“Dawnie…” Buffy began to take a step after her little sister.

“I said forget it!” Dawn called over her shoulder as she disappeared up the stairs.


“It’s unbelievable!” Dawn stuffed what was left of a Snicker’s bar into her mouth. “Not only does she break her promise, she totally doesn’t even think it’s a big deal!”

“I’m sure it’s a big deal to her,” Clem offered. “She just doesn’t know how to talk to you right now, I guess.”

“I don’t know what’s so hard about it. Open mouth, form words.” She stood up and threw the candy wrapper in a trash can near the door. She stood there a moment, thinking. Suddenly, she spun around and looked Clem right in the face as she asked, “Do you have any weapons in here?”

“What?” Clem asked, confused.

“Weapons,” Dawn repeated. “You know, in case you need to defend yourself?”

“Well, yeah,” Clem admitted. “Spike’s always kept a stash in the sarcophagus. Stakes, axes, machetes… I think if you name a weapon, Spike probably has it in there.”

“You think the two of us can get this thing opened up?” Dawn asked, beginning to circle the sarcophagus in question.

Her purpose finally became clear to Clem. “Oh, no. This is a bad idea. This is a very bad idea.” He took Dawn by the arms. “Do you know how much trouble I would be in with your sister?”

“I don’t really care what Buffy thinks,” Dawn shot back. “And I’m definitely through waiting for her to come to me. I’ve staked a vamp before. It wasn’t so hard.”

“One vamp is one thing,” Clem pointed out. “Stumbling on a whole clan of them is no picnic.”

“Did I mention the undead army I helped Buffy fight?” Dawn just stared Clem down.

Clem paused a moment. “I’m not gonna be able to talk you out of this, am I?”

Dawn shook her head. “I’m ready. I want to get out there. Now.”

“Okay,” Clem sighed. “But if Buffy finds out, you’re on your own.”

He walked over to the sarcophagus and began to slide the lid to the side. He grunted with effort at the task. This would have been no problem for Spike and his superhuman strength. Clem, however, just had the strength of a regular human, and kind of a wimpy one at that. Dawn came around beside him and tried to help. After a couple of minutes, the pair finally managed to move the lid enough to get to the weapons inside. Clem reached in and grabbed a stake. He stepped away to let Dawn choose her weapon. She walked up to the side of the sarcophagus and hung over the edge of it. Her feet left the floor momentarily as she leaned in. When she came back up, she was holding an axe with a blade about as tall as her head and a wooden handle the length of her upper body that had been shaped at the bottom end to form a stake.

Clem expected Dawn to say, “Let’s go,” like some action movie star, but she didn’t. She just stood there for a moment, admiring her axe, before she finally looked at Clem again. Instead of saying anything, she just smirked as though she knew what he was thinking and started walking towards the door. No sooner had she opened the door when Clem spoke up.

“Hey Dawn…” He waited for her to turn around and face him again before he continued. “I’m not so good with the fighting. I mean, I’m kind of just a regular guy as far as demons go.”

Dawn smiled. “Don’t worry, I’ll take care of you.”

Clem was still a little uneasy about himself, but suddenly he felt that maybe Dawn could handle herself, after all.

The pair walked the cemetary for half an hour in complete silence with no disturbances. It was almost creepy how content Dawn suddenly was. When Buffy had dropped her off earlier, Dawn couldn’t stop talking about all the unfairness in her life. Now that she’d decided to actually do something about it, she was like a whole new person. She felt like a whole new woman.

“You having deep thoughts there, kiddo?” Clem asked.

“Dawn,” She corrected as she looked at him. “And yes. I was just thinking about how much time I’ve spent feeling sorry for myself my whole life. Was I stupid?”

“No,” he disagreed. “You were young. I think everyone goes through that awkward ‘boo-hoo me, I’m alone in the universe’ phase.”

“Did you?” she asked.

“You bet!” he admitted. “Look at this floppy skin! Have you ever seen anything like it? Well the other demon kids hadn’t. I got picked on a lot.”

Dawn nodded as she absorbed this new knowledge. Finally, she just replied, “I like your floppy skin.”

They both stopped walking for a moment. Dawn smiled up at Clem and Clem just blushed.

“Thanks,” he said. He looked directly behind Dawn at the headstone of the grave she was standing on. “Hey, it’s fresh!”

Dawn turned around and read the headstone herself. He was right. By the death date, the grave was only a week old. She looked down and studied the still-soft soil at her feet. She would have wondered what killed this guy, but she got her answer in the next second when a hand popped up out of the ground. She jumped back and squealed from the shock. When she got her composure back, she wielded her axe with her right hand, stake-side-out towards the newly made vampire.

“Help me pull him up,” she said. She grabbed the vampire’s right hand with her left and Clem pulled on the left hand. As soon as the vampire’s torso broke through, Dawn quickly thrust her axe-stake into his chest with deadly accuracy. As the dust settled, Dawn kicked the grave dirt back in place.

She turned around to face Clem, beaming. “See? Not so hard. You could do it.”

Clem wasn’t smiling. He was looking down the line of nearby graves. “There’s a bunch of them. Looks like a group of friends here. All with the same date on them.” He jerked his head around and looked at Dawn. “There are three of them, and all of their graves have been disturbed.”

Dawn shrugged. “Our guy was probably a late bloomer. If the graves are already disturbed, then Buffy probably—“

She was cut off suddenly when a vampire jumped from seeming out of thin air and hooked one arm around Dawn’s neck.

“Slayer’s not here to help you now,” hetaunted.

Dawn rolled her eyes. “Does knowledge of the slayer just inherently come with being turned these days or what??”

Clem started towards them, but the vampire tightened his grip around Dawn’s neck and put his free hand up to stop him. “Ah, ah, wouldn’t do that if I were you.” As he spoke, his other two friends stepped into view on either side of Clem. They began to slowly walk towards the demon, grinning at the thought of their first kill.

“Clem!” Dawn called. She grunted as she heaved her axe at him. “That’ll be easier for you!”

Clem amazed himself by actually catching the axe. His adrenaline must have been going then, because he added to the amazement by spinning around and beheading both vampires in one shot. He watched the dust of one fall, and then looked back up at where Dawn had been. She and the vampire were gone.

“Dawn!” he called in panic. He started to run towards the spot where she had been standing, looking back and forth for a likely escape route for the vampire to have taken. He found them by the side of the crypt. HIS crypt. Dawn was whimpering softly as the vampire had his fangs sunk deep into her neck.

Clem didn’t even think. He ran up to them and buried the axe in the vampire’s shoulder. The vamp let go of Dawn and sank to the ground in pain. Clem then grabbed his own stake and plunged it into the vampire’s heart.

Dawn watched, with her left hand holding her neck, as her attacker disappeared and the axe fell to the ground. She looked back up at Clem and chuckled through her obvious pain.

“Not so good with the fighting, huh?” she teased. “That looked pretty damn good to me.”

“You were in trouble,” he explained. “I guess instincts just kicked in. That neck looks painful.”

“It feels painful,” Dawn agreed. “I think I’m done with the fighting for tonight.”

Inside, Clem dressed Dawn’s neck wound. Clem wasn’t sure why Spike needed rubbing alcohol, but he was glad it was available in the crypt. Dawn winced as the alcohol stung her skin, but she immediately followed the wince with a giggle. She was pretty damned proud of herself for her work that night. She had a feeling Clem was pretty impressed himself. She found herself just staring at him as he affixed a large square bandage to her neck.

“You’re not worried?” she asked.

“What do you mean?”

She gestured at her neck. “This is gonna be kinda hard to hide from Buffy. You’re probably going to be in almost as much trouble as I am.”

Clem shrugged. “Are you worried?”

“Hell no!” She tossed her head in defiance. “I had a good experience out there tonight. I staked a vamp, learned valuable lessons, and most importantly, I did it myself.”

“Well, if you’re not worried about it, then why should I?” He smiled at Dawn and rubbed the edges of the bandage to make sure it was stuck. “There you go. All better.”

“Yeah…” Dawn just gazed at him for a moment. Then, out of nowhere, she leaned forward and kissed him, reaching her right hand out and cupping the back of his head. The kiss surprised the both of them. Clem certainly wasn’t expecting it, and Dawn was just amazed at the warmth of his lips. Not that she expected them to be cold, but… well, she was just beginning to learn all about demons, she supposed.

Clem pulled away. NOW he was worried about what Buffy might say. He stared at Dawn, trying to figure out what in the world must be going on in her 16-year-old brain.

“What are you doing?” he asked.

“Doing things myself,” she replied. She had spoken so softly, that she almost whispered the words.

“Your sister…” Clem protested. Dawn stopped him from speaking any further by putting her fingertips over his mouth.

“I don’t think it’s any of her business.” She smirked playfully. “What she doesn’t know won’t hurt her. Besides, I don’t hear you complaining on behalf of yourself.”

She snaked both hands around Clem’s neck. There was a certain pleading in Dawn’s eyes that he had never seen before. He hated to admit it, but she was right. He was protesting the logistics of the act. He had no grounds to fight her on a personal level.

Dawn pulled him in to another kiss. Finally giving in to her, Clem slid his hands around her waist . She responded immediately by wrapping her legs around him. A soft whimper escaped her.

Her head was swimming, and everything around her seemed like a blur. She couldn’t even tell anymore where one action stopped and the next began. She felt her clothes being separated from her body – first her shirt, then her shoes and her jeans – but as soon as they were gone, she couldn’t remember how it happened.

Clem paused a moment. They were both down to just their underwear. Dawn looked down and immediately covered her face with embarrassment as she remembered she was wearing Wonder Woman boy shorts. Such a childish thing for her to be wearing. They had been some of her favorites for a while, but now she could only think about how embarrassing it was to have Clem see this, and also about how she would have to throw them away when she got home. For more reasons than one.

“Wonder Woman,” Clem responded, as though reading her thoughts. “She was always one of my favorite superheroes.”

Dawn peeked through her fingers. Clem was smiling kindly at her. He wasn’t laughing at her. He actually thought it was sweet that a teenager was still wearing superhero underwear. Dawn felt herself ruin them further as she took a deep, shaky breath of air.

“I think it’s appropriate,” he continued. “You were pretty much Wonder Woman out there tonight.”

Dawn felt her face flush and a smile involuntarily came across her face. She finally removed her hands from her face and propped herself up on her elbows. She wanted to look Clem in the face, but his sweet smile just made her blush and look away again. She did look back up when she felt Clem’s hands find their way to her hips, sliding his fingers into the waistband of her underwear.

He paused and raised his eyebrows at her. It was clear to her that he was asking her if she was ready for this. Sure, she’d had the sex talks with Giles (because Buffy was too embarrassed to do it) and Willow. She’d done her research on the internet. She knew the biology of it, what to expect and what not to expect. She knew the horror story of Buffy’s first time with Angel, the romance of Willow’s first time with Oz, and the animalism of Xander’s first time with Faith. She wasn’t sure which one of those this was going to be, but she was definitely willing to take the gamble. Dawn nodded her certainty to him.

She laid back down and used her feet as leverage to lift her pelvis. Clem gently slid the Wonder Woman undies off and carefully tossed them to the side, into a pile with the rest of her clothing. He turned his attention back to Dawn and crawled slowly towards the top of her body, kissing everything in his path along the way. He started with her hands and fingers, nibbling her wrists a bit, which was a spot that especially made Dawn gasp. Her belly came next. The gentle kisses that he was planting all over her abdomen were feeling very nice to her. So nice that she really didn’t notice that he was slowly moving those kisses upwards, until he reached her breasts. She gasped deeply in both surprise and pleasure. Her eyes popped wide open, and her hands flew up to Clem’s shoulders.

“Oh!” It sounded more like a realization than a moan.

Clem teased her nipples with his tongue, each for just a few seconds. Then he moved on to her collarbone and her neck. He nipped at her earlobe playfully. Finally, he arrived at the end of his journey. He slipped one arm under her waist and kissed her soft lips. Her arms immediately flew around his neck. She could barely stand it anymore. She whimpered and her pelvis rose up to meet him. She could feel him now against her thigh. Her heart jumped at the realization of just how close they were now. She hugged him tightly and whimpered, now unable to control her irregular breath.

Clem continued to kiss Dawn. He moved back down from her lips to her neck. She wondered why the neck was such a sweet spot for her, especially since she’d just been bitten by a vampire. She decided quickly that the why didn’t really matter and just focused on enjoying it. She almost didn’t even notice that Clem’s weight shifted on top of her. And then the inevitable happened. That, she noticed.

She yelped sharply as her virginity left her. Clem kept moving, ever so gently, and whatever pain she was feeling quickly subsided. He moved his kisses back to her lips briefly, then sat up and looked down at her.

“You okay?” he asked. All Dawn could do was nod her head emphatically. Words had abandoned her.

Everything Clem did, he did with incredible tenderness. Besides the kisses he showered on her lips, neck and shoulders, he was also slowly caressing her body with his hands. Not to mention the slow and calculated pace with which he was actually making love to her.

From that point forward, it was difficult for Dawn to really concentrate on what was happening to her. As it turned out, all the sex talks and biology books in the world couldn’t prepare her for actually having sex. All that talk about the build-up and the climax, but no words accurately described what she was actually feeling at that moment. At least they got one thing right: it was, in fact, better than chocolate.

Dawn’s face suddenly got very hot and her breaths, as improbable as it seemed, became even more irregular than they had already been. She clutched at Clem’s arms. Her fingers curled involuntarily, causing her nails to dig into his skin. A long, howling cry came from deep in her throat as her whole body shuddered. Clem tightened his embrace and waited for her to be still again.

Once her body relaxed, she was finally able to breathe normally again. She let out a contented sigh before slowly opening her eyes. All the blood rushing to her head had made her dizzy, and as a consequence her vision was blurry at first. It took a moment to bring Clem into focus, but when she did, she began to giggle uncontrollably. The sheer power of her emotions simply overwhelmed her, and all her joy was not containable inside her delicate frame. She was surprised to discover tears in her eyes. They weren’t leftovers from the initial pain, but rather fresh tears of joy.


The door of the Summers home flew open. Buffy stormed in and threw her keys in the general direction of the living room. The keys hit the wall so hard, they stuck. Dawn followed Buffy in and glanced at the wall-keys. Suddenly, she wasn’t so sure that her venture into the cemetary last night was such a great idea. Still, the memory of being with Clem kept her from having too many negative feelings. She was sure she’d be a lot more nervous if it had never happened.

Buffy had seen the bandage on Dawn’s neck and had immediately started fuming. The thing that was worrying was that she’d decided not to explode into an angry screaming fit right there. All she’d said to Clem was “We’ll talk later,” and then she had grabbed Dawn by the arm and practically dragged her across the cemetary. Otherwise, she hadn’t spoken at all. Dawn could practically see steam coming from her ears.

Dawn closed the door behind her. No sooner did the door click shut than Buffy spun around and faced her little sister.

“Are you trying to get yourself killed?” Buffy barked.

“Actually, getting killed is pretty much on the bottom of my list of things to experience before I graduate high school,” Dawn shot back.

“Oh, really?” Buffy crossed her arms and leaned against a nearby wall. “You’ve got a funny way of showing it, going out and getting yourself bitten by a vampire. How the hell did you manage to give Clem the slip, anyway?”

“I didn’t.” Dawn crossed her own arms. She stood her ground last night, and she figured she shouldn’t let Buffy back her down. “He helped me fight the vampires. He was actually pretty awesome.”

Buffy raised her eyebrows. If that was true, Clem was SO getting an ass-kicking later.

“Hey, I’m alive,” Dawn continued. “You have to give me credit for that.”

“Actually, I don’t. I have to give you credit for being stupid and nearly getting yourself killed, and worse, you nearly got Clem killed too!”

“I did not nearly get us killed,” Dawn protested. “We fought like pros! We killed four vampires!”

“And got bitten by one of them,” Buffy reminded her.

“And, okay, side note,” Dawn finally admitted. “But, in the end, we were superheroes.” She remembered Clem and her Wonder Woman underwear. The thought made her smile.

“I’m sorry,” Buffy reacted. “Did you just smile at the fact that you went out and did a very dangerous and stupid thing?”

“No.” Dawn straightened her posture. “I was smiling at the fact that we won the fight.”

“Like superheroes.” The sarcasm dripped from Buffy’s voice.

“Clem called me Wonder Woman and everything.” Dawn smirked again. She just couldn’t help herself.

Buffy stared at Dawn for a few moments. The scrutiny made Dawn nervous. She realized too late that she’d said too much.

“Oh my God!” Buffy exclaimed. “Did you sleep with Clem?”

The fact that Dawn didn’t answer was enough of a confirmation for the slayer.

“Oh, this is unbelievable!” Buffy put one hand on her head and turned around. “Could you be any more irresponsible? Are you drinking, too? Maybe shooting up heroine?”

“You know it could have been worse,” Dawn shot back. “At least I slept with a good guy. And one that stayed good afterwards, I might add.”

“That…” Buffy closed her eyes momentarily. She knew she needed to collect herself and not let Dawn change the subject. “We’re not talking about me.”

Dawn put one hand on her hips. “Everything else is usually about you. Now, suddenly it’s not?”

“It was never about me! It’s always about your safety!”

“You are so… guh!!” Dawn held her hands up in front of her. She looked as though she wanted to strangle Buffy for a moment. Then, she closed her hands. Her fists shook briefly before she lowered them. “Do you think, just maybe, for just a second in your life, you could stop thinking of me as a child?”

“When you stop acting like a child, maybe I’ll consider it.”

Dawn took a few steps towards her sister. “How am I acting like a child? By trying to be my own person? By giving up on dead ends and making my own paths?”

“What the hell are you talking about?” Buffy shook her head in confusion.

Dawn raised her arms in an exasperated gesture. “You abandoned me, Buffy!” Her arms fell to her sides. “Do you even remember the promises you made me in that pit when Willow tried to end the world? And it’s not like I didn’t help you down there. I showed you I had the potential, and more importantly, the desire to fight. You were supposed to teach me. Where did you go?” The tears were falling from her face now. Tears of grief this time.

Buffy stared at her sister in disbelief for a moment. “Dammit,” she whispered. She turned away and her own eyes began to well up with tears. She covered her mouth with her hand and looked up at the ceiling.

Dawn let out an exasperated sigh. “You know what, forget it.” She turned around and walked towards the stairs. She figured that Buffy could come to her when she was actually ready to talk.

Buffy couldn’t respond or stop her sister from walking away. She had completely broken down into tears. Dawn heard the sobbing. She loved her sister; she wanted to go back downstairs and comfort her. At the same time, however, she knew she couldn’t back down now. Not if she wanted Buffy to respect her.


There was a knock at Dawn’s door. Dawn was curled up on her bed with her knees tucked in and her face buried. She didn’t respond, but the door cracked open anyway, and Buffy peeked in. Her face was still red and wet from her crying. Of course, Dawn’s face didn’t look much different. It was a good reminder that they were related after all.

“Can I come in?” The slayer asked softly. Dawn nodded and Buffy opened the door the rest of the way. She walked in and sat down next to Dawn on her bed. Buffy wasn’t sure where she should start at first. Some type of human instinct told her maybe she should just go straight to the point. “I’m sorry, Dawn.”

Dawn looked up at her sister. She couldn’t hide the little smile that was beginning to form. “Really?”

Buffy nodded. “Really. You’re right Dawn, you’re not a kid anymore. I know I said I didn’t want to protect you, but protection has been so hard-wired in me since I was your age, it’s hard to stop. But you have, actually, proved yourself more than capable. I said I wanted to see the woman that you would become. I just never realized I was already looking at her.”

“So… you’re not mad at me then?” Dawn put her knees down and put her hands down on the bed at her sides.

“I was mad,” Buffy admitted. “But I was mad at myself, because I didn’t want to admit that you’re grown now. I think I’ve been jealous of you all this time, because you’ve had the opportunity to just be a teenager. Being the chosen one never really afforded me that luxury. And believe me, I tried.”

Dawn raised her eyebrows. “And Clem?”

“I just came back from talking to him, actually.” Buffy sighed and shifted her weight. This was obviously a thought that made her uncomfortable. But it needed to be talked about. “He agreed that you were impressive in battle, especially for someone who hadn’t actually had any training. He also agreed that training needed to start.”

Dawn stared Buffy down. That wasn’t what she had meant, and Buffy knew it. The slayer felt her sister’s eyes penetrating her.

“Okay, okay,” Buffy finally relented. “Much as I hate to admit it, maybe you have better taste in guys than I ever did. So I did my sister thing and threatened him with terrible slayer violence…”

“Buffy!” Dawn leaned forward suddenly.

“…If he ever hurts my only baby sister.” Buffy finished.

Dawn’s mouth dropped open in awe. “What did he say?”

“Apparently, I have nothing to worry about.”

“Great,” Dawn teased. “Now I’ll never know if a guy really likes me, or if he’s just afraid my sister’s gonna kick his ass.”

“No, he really likes you.” Buffy reached over and pushed Dawn’s hair back. “I can tell.”

Dawn grinned. She finally felt like she really had a relationship with Buffy. Having the recognition of her big sister made her feel good. For the first time in her life, she really felt like a real person.
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